MORE THAN A NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION – Tips for a Powerful New Year

201545% of the population makes some type of New Year’s Resolution. Whether we are working on a true lifestyle shift or a specific weight loss goal, we all resolve to be, do or have something better in the new year. Though statistics vary, only 8% of people actually achieve their goals, with the rest faltering anywhere between 17 days and 6 months after they are set. The deal is that enthusiasm wanes and real life kicks in! So here are some tips for creating a more powerful new year in whatever it is you resolve to do.
Tip #1 Make Feeling Good a Priority – the goals we set in the new year are set because we believe that in reaching them, we will feel better. The key is to understand that you can feel better NOW versus waiting on an external change to happen before you feel good. Success in any endeavor is always an inside job first. Tip #2 Create Tangible Goals – it’s nearly impossible to create a real plan around a goal that’s vague. And let’s face it, if you set a vague goal it typically means you want some leeway in terms of reaching that goal. It’s a lot easier to be undisciplined if you say “I’m going to save some money this year” vs saying “I’m going to put 10% of every check into my savings account” Get honest with yourself and set tangible S.M.A.R.T goals (specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, time oriented goals) Tip # 3 Hold Yourself Accountable – From school to work environments, accountability is a huge part of how we start to really “be” who we want to be and accomplish our desires. However, accountability takes many forms. For instance, when we make a goal public either through social media, networking groups, friends and family we tend to follow-through on that goal. Psychologically, there is something about giving your word publicly, which holds most people accountable. This provides opportunities for your network to ask you about your progress which can keep you going when you want to go back to your old habits. Accountability also happens in the form of making a commitment to yourself. So often we are externally focused but when we build a true relationship with ourselves we can create a true commitment to ourselves. We start to really see ourselves as valuable and our promise worth keeping. Lastly, write it down! When you write and track your progress you are forming a new habit and more likely to continue it. Tip #4 Get Excited – feel what it would be like to be, do or have whatever it is you are desiring. If you can’t embody the feeling of having your desire, it’ll be that much harder to achieve it. Have fun “being it”, revel in the compliments, the scents, the sounds, the feelings of it all. The truth is, if you can’t imagine it happening it likely means you don’t believe nor expect it to. Without belief and expectation you will not be successful. Tip #5 – Be Easy with Yourself – having unexpected challenges, back-sliding and frustration are normal parts of life. Don’t look at these as signs of failure but rather increasing your clarity for what it is you really want. Every time you experience disappointment, in one way you are simultaneously strengthening your resolve for what you really want. So don’t get stuck in the thing that caused you to change. Be easy with yourself and get laser focused on the change you want to see! As you know, whatever you focus on grows.

One final reminder that’s worth reiterating; having a natural inclination to do what you’ve always done is NORMAL. Your brain has developed patterns of behavior that have been created in the same way you can see well worn patterns in the major walkways of your carpet. When you’re walking in the same place over and over on your carpet you don’t throw it out just because you notice it’s worn in one spot, you clean the carpet and walk in new patterns. So don’t throw out your new resolve if you find yourself going back to old patterns, clean it up and continue to develop new ones!

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