With technology creating a 24 hour work day and the shifting roles of women both personally and professionally; stress, unhappiness, and feelings of being alone and stuck have become all too popular.More and more women want to really live but are either afraid of doing so, do not know the right way to, or are not sure who they can trust.

We show accomplished women how to be free to be themselves and find deeper fulfillment in life in the midst of their current role, image, and obligations.

We are particularly adept at working with women in all stages of life from new entrepreneurs, those who work inside of the home, and women who are highly visible in their day to day lives. To learn more contact

Coaching Services Address

  • Mastermind Group for the Self-Employed
  • Alternative Methods to Actualizing Your Desires
  • Creating a Life Plan
  • Getting Unstuck
  • Moving Past Perceived Failure
  • Clarifying What You Really Want

Coaching Approach

To coach effectively, we utilize a personal change management process � a daily ritual that will ensure you are deliberately controlling your focus, learning new tools to improve your vibrational alignment, proven strategies to make a difference and take action to create momentum towards the life you desire.

Group Coaching

We are excited to offer affordable group coaching services. This is one of the Most Innovative approaches to coaching with monthly calls for small groups at a time that works for your schedule. Please call 202-821-7078 or email: for details.

One-On-One Coaching Packages

On-Demand Coaching – $350

Hire as needed for impromptu in-person sessions (in the Chicagoland area) and/or phone sessions. Between session encouragement and support emails/texts No monthly commitment required 2 hours of service to be used at your discretion within 45 days.

Platinum – $450

Initial half hour session, 4 scheduled 15 minute accountability/momentum building sessions, between session encouragement and support emails/texts, access to You-Tube videos

Executive Platinum – $625

Initial half hour session, 4 scheduled 15 minute accountability/momentum building sessions, 1 half-hour unscheduled session as needed, support emails/texts, customized tools podcasts for life-time use for encouragement and on-going learning, access to You-Tube videos, podcasts, articles and related encouragement tools, 2 month commitment required, month to month packages available after initial 60 days.

Coaching Packages


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