Organizations are at different stages on their diversity journey. Sometimes it’s hard to know objectively how to make initial investments in Diversity & Inclusion or what’s next for your organization. At The Walker Thomas Group we act as your coach to:

  • Help you identify next steps
  • Provide due diligence on proposed vendors
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of current strategies
  • Coach change agents
  • Supply guidance and know-how on strategy and implementation
  • Share the most effective tips & language to effectively communicate share your messages

We fit seamlessly into your current structure and are positioned to work along side of your professionals or vendors as an objective experienced coach.

While we have experience from strategy, to implementation in diversity, inclusion and cross-cultural competency, we know we can’t do it all. However, we can objectively coach you through the right decisions for your organization. We utilize a systemic approach so we are adept at coaching on real change. Email Us for More Info on a Diversity & Inclusion Coach.



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